22829869_759332864258430_376167970212655629_o copy“Aqua”

40ft. x 30 ft. , Mix-media Light sculpture.
60 individual fashion influenced collages on 29” x 45” acrylic panel.

Inspired by Club Kids, a fashion subculture characterized in the underground NYC music scene in the late 80’s, inspired by how music influenced the way we dress and ultimately the way we express ourselves. Haileen creates 60 abstracted representations that are a reflection of her life work in the realms of music, art and fashion. Each encapsulates a memory from different moments of her life, the installation and individual pieces are a collage of these moments. The overall installation is a mirror of each other, further embodying this reflexive thematic. Approaching the piece, the visitor encounters a larger than life arrangement of the lights and the gradient of colors. As the visitor walks closer to the installation your eye is drawn to the male guardians on the base of the installation. These represent the foundation of strength and beauty. The visitor will then look at the portal door to find two unique colleagues representing a king and queen, protecting festival goers as they pass through the portal to the Main Frame Stage.

One of these moments is the piece called “At The Office,” which details the association of texture and erotic gesture. The placement of the arms converses with what the mannequin is wearing, evoking her own sexual conquest and empowerment.

The installation will take over the entirety of a 1,200 sq/ft wall inside of MANA Wynwood accenting an abstract chandelier made from over 70 custom acrylic elements

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