Aqua, 2017

60 individual fashion influenced collages on 29 ft. x 45 ft. acrylic panels taking over the entirety of a 1,200 sq/ft wall inside of MANA Wynwood accenting an abstract chandelier made from over 70 custom acrylic elements

40 ft. x 30 ft. , mix-media light sculpture


Inspired by Club Kids, a fashion subculture characterized in the underground NYC music scene in the late 80’s and inspired by how music influences the way we dress and ultimately the way we express ourselves. Haiiileen creates 60 abstract representations as a reflection of her life work in the realm of music, art, and fashion. Each encapsulates a memory from different stages of her life, the installation and individual pieces representing a collage of these moments. The full-scale view of the installation is a mirror, each panel reflecting the other and further embodying this reflective theme. When you first approach the piece you’ll encounter a sweeping arrangement of multi-colored lights ranging across a dynamic gradient of colors. As you walk closer to the installation your eye is drawn to the male guardians at the base of the installation. These represent foundations of strength and beauty. Your gaze will then find itself face to face with a portal door, captured by two mannequins representing a king and queen, acting as guardians of light and protection as you transport yourself into the festival and reach another dimension at the Main Frame Stage.


For more images please check out BTS AQUA






Acrylic Chandelier, 2017

IMG_20180228_145025_794.jpgThis is an acrylic light chandelier with 120 custom hand shaped 2-inch thick acrylic light panels to guiding thousand people thru the portal of mainframe stage.
In Partnerships with @glowbackledlighting @faulknerplastic .