Locust Projects Fall 2018 Open Call Submission: Amaziiing by Haiiileen

Amaziiing Description:

Artist Haiiileen creates a life-sized polychromatic labyrinth using tinted and marbleized acrylic walls and multi-colored LED lights to translate her means of facilitating her life’s work. Enter the labyrinth where every twist leads to another turn, combining to form a collection of paths guiding one into the center of an abstract world consisting of a mesmerizing spectrum of color and sound. This maze is seen as a representation of Haiiileen’s body, soul, and mind. The rhythmic call of her pulse lures one deeper into the labyrinth, where at the center they will find a crystal representation of her heart as an ode to what it really is to have passion, drive, dedication, will, the want to thrive. Once inside the installation, participants will find themselves submerged within a throbbing chamber of light and love, powered by her innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Materials used will consist of chromed, marbleized, and clear acrylic pieces, steel, and LED lighting.

Artist Statement:

Communicating is a crucial yet constant struggle for me, and my work has always been the conduit between my thoughts and my audience. At times, it feels like the only language I know how to speak through is passion; and my passion can only be shown through my art, reflecting the struggles, hardships, good times, moments of bliss, and all of these components of my life that drive me to create. I’m constantly surrounded by triggers of light, color, and sound that cause the constant synesthetic hallucinations which generate the blueprints of my livelihood. The conviction I have to continue moving forward and constantly build greater and larger is only powered by my heart and soul, and I hope this becomes evident to all who enter my reality.


Design of maze subject to change.

Labirynth is designed to be wheelchair accessible.


Full overhead view of the labyrinth.


Overhead view of the labyrinth. Black and white circles are just figures meant to represent the entrance path and exit path.


Left-hand overhead view of the entrance.


Right-hand overhead view of the entrance.


Entrance view.


View of the center of the maze from outside.


Overhead view of the center.


Overhead view of heart sculpture.


View of heart sculpture at the center of the labyrinth.