206 DISCOTEC, 2017

Acrylic, Steel, LED   

2 ft W x 4 ft L x 1.5 ft D

206 Discotec is Haiiileen’s first commissioned sculpture created back in April 2017 making it a one of a kind special mixed media project. Inspired by architectural design and her use of vaporwave, color, and more sustainable use of acrylics. She utilizes acrylic, steel and LED along with an iridescent treatment to the wall in order to produce a 2 foot wide, 4 foot long, and 1 ½ foot deep 3D sculpture as part of a private collection at a residence based in New York.

In Partnership with @glowbackledlighting @faulknerplastic    


uooɯ oɔsıp

uooɯ oɔsıp


Disco Moon, 2014

Silicon, Glass, Steel, Styrofoam

91.4 cm x 61 cm (36 in. x 24 in.)

Disco Moon is a literal reflection of my belief that everything should be a disco ball in the sense of the feeling of happiness they bring to life. Utilizing mirrors and lights as a medium allowed me to project the notion that we shouldn’t have to be in the presence of an actual disco ball to feel its radiance.This piece was commissioned for III Point’s office space and is illuminated by custom 360 degree LED lighting.

Space: LEGS

Club Space: LEGS

Legs, 2017


15 ft. long x 10 ft. wide x 18 ft. high

Artist Haiiileen uses her inspiration from the Women’s March to experiment with her love for interactive installations by creating a space for people to stop and express themselves using dry erase marker. The installation took place during an extremely political time in the nation causing much of the written “graffiti” on the walls to consist of heavy political suggestion.

Acid Palm Performance

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 12.58.36 PM

Acid Palm

 A performance piece inspired by the photographic series “Acid Trees.” In this series creatively produced and developed by Artist Haiiileen, she utilizes acrylic paint on real palm trees to transform each palm by hand. Inspired by her love for still life, Haiiileen captures this colorful series of trees playing with our perception of nature and reality.



iiipoints_perfromace_art_8vaporwave_sunsetatnoon 2Sunset @noon cover !DSC_4941unspecified copy 4

Photographs take by Alex Markow


Messages from the Beyond


Performance metallic art installation  inside the first level of  Electric Pickle Miami 2015

On the first floor of the electric pickle, Artist Haiiileen creates a metallic world, covering everything in aluminum  including herself in an aluminum foil dress, in addition she placed a static piece inside the space which transforms the room into her “messages from the beyond” playing with reflection and experimenting with fashion and imagery creating a beautiful and elaborate aluminum room made to dazzle and electrify the senses.