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  • Haiii on Chrome

    Haiii on Chrome

    Created from up-cycle material artist Haiiileen use these acrylic material and transformed them to unique shapes finish with chrome . Check out the full selection of HAIII on Chrome series

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  • Aciiid Bubble

    Haiiileen -creating a magical 25ft bubble installation filled with defracted materials and lights lights commission by Downtown Doral

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  • Hiiipnotic #1

    HIIIpnotic #1 1 of 1 2020 , HAIII ON SOCIETY solo show L 11.25″ x W 5″ x D 2.5″ Materials : Acrylic , custom paint Haiiileen created a small sculpture that bends light and creating optics that change of perception certificate of authenticity email for all inquiry

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  • Haiii-IMPACT


    Haiii-Impact ” 2020 : Created on a 3-ft radius,acrylic sculpture hand painted with automotive paint … custom acrylic mirrored piecs .. .

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  • Orbiiit, Haiii On Society

    Orbiiit, Haiii On Society

    Orbiiit, Haiii On Society, 2020 36”(D) x 1”(H)24”(D) x 1”(H) Edition of 15 hydrodipped acrylic panels set into a circular gold mirror frame An interactive planetary installation exploring reflection, space and their relationship to the visitor. This feature installation is a site-specific creation the artist conceived specifically for Haiii on society. Suspended hydro-dipped orbs encased…

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  • WIIISH for TIDAL at Made In America Festival

    WIIISH for TIDAL at Made In America Festival

    WIIISH for TIDAL at Made In America Festival 2019 WIIISH, @HAIIILEEN, 2019 Presented by TIDAL for Made In America Festival 2019 LED, Acrylic, Wood, Assorted Fabrics In support by : faulkner plastics and glowback led WIIISH is a site specific sculpture piece that provides some context into Haiiileen’s hypnotic world. Her neo-acid futurism landscape for TIDAL…

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