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10”(W) x 13”(H)
12”(W) x 16”(H)

Digital print on archival metallic 300gsm stock. Each is an edition of 50.

Haiiileen is proud to debut her travel photography series at Haiii on Society. These are selected images of guerilla light installations from Tokyo – Japan, Perth – Australia and Miami, Marfa and Sedona – United States.

Captured through an ongoing project with Google Pixel. These are exclusively available to visitors to the exposition. 

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WIIISH for TIDAL at Made In America Festival

WIIISH for TIDAL at Made In America Festival 2019

Haiiileen TIDAL MadeInAmerica 18

Presented by TIDAL for Made In America Festival 2019

LED, Acrylic, Wood, Assorted Fabrics

In support by : faulkner plastics and glowback led

WIIISH is a site specific sculpture piece that provides some context into Haiiileen’s hypnotic world. Her neo-acid futurism landscape for TIDAL is an in depth study of light theory and optical enchantment reflected in the piece’s layers of color, texture and patterns. Fluorescent marbled swirls accent the black and white facades to draw the viewer in and engage this vaporwave nostalgia refuge.

Haiiileen’s elevated aesthetic pushes the boundaries of newly conceptualized contemporary thought combining acid, a term more commonly used to describe music movements, and contemporary futurism found within architecture. The symmetry of circles in the stairs and use of optical illusions speak to her futurism influences and creates more elevated depth within the space.

Copyrights reserved on all images to Haiiileen

Acid Tropic

Acid Tropic


Producer / Creative Director / Artist: Haiiileen


Graphics / Animation: Gianfranco Bianchi

“Acid Tropic” is part of another fashion editorial video series produced by Artist Haiiileen for Z!NC fashion magazine. For this series she develops a digital sequence in the form of a hybrid reality, inspired by her intense and passionate love for fashion and digital art, Haiiileen creates an emotional virtual experience for its viewers in an innovative and experimental fashion ahead of its time.

Acid Palm Performance

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 12.58.36 PM

Acid Palm

 A performance piece inspired by the photographic series “Acid Trees.” In this series creatively produced and developed by Artist Haiiileen, she utilizes acrylic paint on real palm trees to transform each palm by hand. Inspired by her love for still life, Haiiileen captures this colorful series of trees playing with our perception of nature and reality.



iiipoints_perfromace_art_8vaporwave_sunsetatnoon 2Sunset @noon cover !DSC_4941unspecified copy 4

Photographs take by Alex Markow




b-w sunset@noon 2


DSC_5254 no eyes

DSC_5474-Edit no eyes

Creative Director / Artist : @Haiiileen

“Hypnotic” (2016) a special performance art piece by Artist Haiiileen in which she utilizes one of her many set designs and multiple layers of fabric to create a wormhole effect in black and white hypnotic patterns inside the installation. As part of the art piece, Haiiileen transforms herself into a character of optical illusion and uses her background in fashion to create a look that blends into the performance simultaneously creating a series of stills and videos based on the piece.

Trippin Daisy

Trippin Daisy

Creative Director / Producer / Artist: Aileen Quintana  for Marc Jacob Beauty

Graphics / Photography: Gianfranco Bianchi

Model: Allegra Preuss @ Wilhelmina Models  for Z!Nk Magazine 2014

“Trippin Daisy” is concept inspired by Marc Jacobs “Beauty” and Haiiileen’s use of vaporwave. She directed and produced this beauty editorial for a publication in Z!NK Magazine using graphics and animation in collaboration with Gianfranco Bianchi.