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IMG 20191103 170202

Diiisco Green Agate Chandelier

Diiisco Green Agate Chandelier Two 3’ x 20” long custom light sculptures covered in locally grown live Spanish moss. Commissioned by Minnie’s Disco. Composed of local live Spanish moss and hand drawn, multi layer lamps inspired by natural shapes, the piece is a rainbow light show by night and needs

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Black Rainbow Eclipse

Black Rainbow Eclipse, 2019 2-of-a-kind custom black hologram disco balls Commissioned by Minnie’s Disco. These black hologram disco balls explode with color in the light – its refracted phosphorescent fragments lead the way to the dance floor.

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Portal, 2019 8’x12’  Hand painted aluminum beaded curtain Commissioned by Minnie’s Disco. Find yourself beyond the beads, teleported to a different time and side of the city. These jewel toned beads cascade around you as you pass through a threshold from the mundane to a magical disco realm.