Aileen Quintana aka  Haiiileen 

Aileen’s original breakthrough was within the fashion industry as a self-taught makeup artist working as Makeupbyaileen. She quickly garnered attention and built a full-fledged career utilizing faces as her canvas, receiving sponsorships from numerous globally operating brands, such as Covergirl and MAC. Excelling in various positions within the fashion and media industry. 


The break in the wave occurred five years ago when she was approached to create an installation the now festival giant III Points. What was initially a design project has catapulted her career into a spectrum beyond her wildest dreams. Her creative background enabled her to easily transgress her focus from the world of fashion into expanding her horizons and progressing as an Artist. Aileen continuously exhibits her ability to create provoking material that provides a deeper expression and more experimental approach to conventional ideas on reality and how we perceive environments.  

Haiiileen works as a consultant, director, producer, designer, filmmaker, performance artist, sculpture, installation artist