“LightScapes” at Young At Art Museum


Young At Art Museum is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Cuban-American interdisciplinary artist Haiiileen, LightScapes. Featuring three large-scale acrylic light sculptures and a fabrication lab, the exhibition will be on display at the Knight Gallery from November 2nd, 2018 through April 28th, 2019.

In her larger than life sculptures, Haiiileen translates the ideas and concepts brought up by her synesthetic thinking. There is a particular focus on the use of light as a medium in her work, as all of the sculptures in this exhibition manipulate light in a fashion that allows for the creation of what the artist calls a “neo-abstract alternate reality.” Haiiileen’s past works have dealt with taking spaces and creating abstract environments within them that have the ability to translate different perceptions into our reality.
LightScapes will feature a selection of three major acrylic light sculptures and will explore several different educational concepts in an immersive multi-sensory approach aimed towards the youth of the community. In this exhibition, there is a strong emphasis on concepts like color theory, illusions and reflections, and quantum physics in relation to light.

There will be three light sculptures, including the first of its kind, Amaziiing, a maze comprised of marbleized acrylic sheets placed in conjunction with the strategic use of mirrored elements and LED lighting meant for guests to explore. Aqua will also be displayed, consisting of over 30 custom acrylic sculptures and LED lighting that visitors may interact with, creating a sweeping arrangement, further embodying the light theme. The kinetic sculpture, HaiiiMobile, made of over 200 floating custom acrylic elements will be in constant rotation. Visitors can gaze up from a transportive viewing area made of custom reflective beanbags, allowing them to get lost in an illusion of time and space.

This exhibit will also include a fabrication lab focusing on electricity, positive and negative wavelengths, light frequencies, and light theory as an interactive and immersive educational experience.

Sponsored by Faulkner Plastics and Glowback LED Lighting future chrome
For all media and press inquiries, contact get@haiiileen.com