Neo Aciiid, Haiii On Society

Neo Aciiid,
Haiii On Society,

A room designed for the collector. These are the first collectible editions the artist has developed specifically for visitors to her large scale installations to bring a memory home of their experience.

Neo Aciiid II, 2020

IMG 20200125 140447

13”(W) x 13”(H)

Edition of 9 LED backlit assemblage of neon and hydro-dipped acrylic wall sculptures

Neo Aciiid Parents, 2020

13”(W) x 22”(L) x 33”(H)

Pair of original hand formed hydro-dipped acrylic stands

Neo Aciiid Children, 2020

6”(W) x 12”(L) x 1.5”(H)
3.5”(W) x 4.5”(L) x 1.5(H)

Hydro-dipped acrylic boxes

Hipnotiiic, Haiii On Society

Haiii On Society,

IMG 20200124 124955

Enter the collaged memory of various sculptural studies and explorations of Haiiileen’s past projects and process.

Interactive curtains separated with red, green and blue light spectrums make for a dizzying experience. Chromed chandelier pieces hang to the left of the feature podium. This stepped podium is a high contrast display for a series of hydro-dipped hand formed acrylic studies entitled Neo Acciiid with a featured exhibit of Haiiileen’s latest explorative work entitled Optiiics.

Neo Aciiid I, 2020

17 original case studies of hand formed acrylic pieces with hydro-dipped edges.

Optiiics, 2020

2 original case studies of clear acrylic rods set in a hydro-dipped backed frame.

Haiii on Society Karli Evans Selects 35

Haiii On Society, Las Olas

Haiii On Society,
Las Olas,

Haiii on Society Karli Evans Selects 34

A three month solo exhibition in partnership with PMG Development and Society Las Olas, Haiii On Society transforms six rooms in the leasing office with works that reflect light into new and accessible perspectives, welcoming the community to seek a better world that captures the nostalgia and comfort of home.

This solo-exhibition demonstrates a scaled down version of the monumental sculptures Haiiileen is known for, in order to create smaller, more collectible works. Each of the six rooms exhibit the hypothesis, experiment, and prototype of the artist’s studies of light and color wave theory.


Orbiiit, 2020
Micro Haiii, 2020

Haiii-Light, 2019
Haiii on Art, 2020
Hipnotiiic, 2020
Neo Aciiid, 2020

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Micro Haiii, Haiii On Society

Micro Haiii,
Haiii On Society,

Haiii on Society Karli Evans Selects

Haiiileen welcomes you to Society Las Olas with a gradient wash of colour and wonderment. Curvilinear sculptures encompass the entrance foyer, their form inspired by the invisible waves of various light spectrums.

First exhibited as part of the Haiii-Light installation at iii points music festival, Miami, these sculptures were then exhibited at the Bass Museum, Miami Beach and the Ace Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles.

IMG 20200124 130828
IMG 20200124 130828

Orbiiit, Haiii On Society

Haiii On Society,

Haiii on Society Karli Evans Selects 10

36”(D) x 1”(H)
24”(D) x 1”(H)

Edition of 15 hydrodipped acrylic panels set into a circular gold mirror frame

An interactive planetary installation exploring reflection, space and their relationship to the visitor. This feature installation is a site-specific creation the artist conceived specifically for Haiii on society. Suspended hydro-dipped orbs encased in gold mirrors transform the main room into a playful arrangement to inspire visions of curated interiors of the new Society Las Olas.

“Hiiipnotiiic” x TIDAL

“Hiiipnotiiic” x TIDAL

IMG 20200203 100753 370

(6) 4’x7’ Acrylic light sculptures

Commissioned by TIDAL for SuperBowl2020 x LilWayne at the Delano South Beach.

Haiiiileen’s newest series of light sculptures, Hiiipnotiiic, warps our field of vision, creating infinite dimensional perspectives. The luminescent, monolithic sculptures are lined up so that they appear to reflect one another. However when viewed closely, it is clear that each hydro-dipped insert is a unique work of art. These topographic rainbows are then distorted by light traveling through transparent rods, so that when circulating and weaving through these pieces, viewers will see light and color rippling alongside them.


Diiisco Green Agate Chandelier

Diiisco Green Agate Chandelier

Two 3’ x 20” long custom light sculptures covered in locally grown live Spanish moss.

Commissioned by Minnie’s Disco.

Composed of local live Spanish moss and hand drawn, multi layer lamps inspired by natural shapes, the piece is a rainbow light show by night and needs to be watered by day. A symbiosis of the natural and artificial, day and night, this chandelier embodies the secret disco world that lies beyond Alter Miami.

Black Rainbow Eclipse

Black Rainbow Eclipse, 2019

IMG 20191105 155037

2-of-a-kind custom black hologram disco balls

Commissioned by Minnie’s Disco.

These black hologram disco balls explode with color in the light – its refracted phosphorescent fragments lead the way to the dance floor.