III Points 2015: HAILEEN


In “HAILEEN” (2015) Artist Haiiileen creates a transformative narrative in the form of multiple rooms, inspired by her travels, lust and sexuality she takes on a more refined approach to performance art spaces creating a deeper meaning to each room. The first room is a bonsai garden with trees, a flowing river, and colors reminiscent of a japanese sunrise. The second room is a transformation chamber where hair stylists and makeup artists await to makeover guests. The third room is a game show room which has a performance pieces inspired by anime and japanese video games. Last but not least, the fourth room is a seduction room riddled with a dominatrix theme. Haiiileen left her own phone number in advertisements pasted all over the walls of the room for those “seeking therapy.” Throughout the entire event people were calling, leaving her voicemails and text messages with their concerns and heartfelt messages.


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Creative Director / Artist : Haiiileen


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Messages from the Beyond


Performance metallic art installation  inside the first level of  Electric Pickle Miami 2015

On the first floor of the electric pickle, Artist Haiiileen creates a metallic world, covering everything in aluminum  including herself in an aluminum foil dress, in addition she placed a static piece inside the space which transforms the room into her “messages from the beyond” playing with reflection and experimenting with fashion and imagery creating a beautiful and elaborate aluminum room made to dazzle and electrify the senses.