haiii on chrome : 01 by haiileen

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haiii on chrome : 01 by haiileen

Haiii on Chrome

Created from up-cycle material artist Haiiileen use these acrylic material and transformed them to unique shapes finish with chrome . Check out the full selection of HAIII on Chrome series

Aciiid Bubble

Haiiileen -creating a magical 25ft bubble installation filled with defracted materials and lights lights commission by Downtown Doral

Neo ACiiid

Neo Aciiid , 2020 exhibition from HAIII on SOCIETY inside the Neo ACIIID room these are limited edition of 3 neon red, 3 neon green , 3 neon yellow certificate of authenticity , sign and numbered 13x3in LED, acrylic on a wood frame , 15 foot cable


Neo Aciiid Children 2020 hand painted custom acrylic boxes custom paint 3.5”(W) x 4.5”(L) x 1.5(H) please email to check on the availability and delivery prices for your area


Limited Edition run of 50  items hand woven and painted by Haiiileen 14″ round , 3″ deep $100 plus S+H certificate of authenticity  please email to check on the availability and delivery prices for your area

Hiiipnotic # 2

HIIIpnotic #2 1 of 1 2020 , HAIII ON SOCIETY solo show L 1′.7″ x W 1’3″ x D 3.5″ Materials : Acrylic , custom paint, custom wood frame Haiiileen created a small sculpture that bends light and creating optics that change of perception certificate of authenticity email for all

IMG 20200127 WA0026

Orbiiit, Haiii On Society

Orbiiit, Haiii On Society, 2020 36”(D) x 1”(H)24”(D) x 1”(H) Edition of 15 hydrodipped acrylic panels set into a circular gold mirror frame An interactive planetary installation exploring reflection, space and their relationship to the visitor. This feature installation is a site-specific creation the artist conceived specifically for Haiii on

haiiileen vibrations artist miami


performance art commission by Young at Art Museum Friday Nov.16th 2018 

Diiisco Flare @ Tidal

Installation for tidal event during miami music week 2019 wmc

Little Haiii-Liiight at Bass Museum

“Liiittle Haiii-Liiight”  2019 @Haiiileen  Mixed-media, Acrylic, LED lighting   Haiii-liiight, “The study of the spectrum of visible light and their wavelength”  artist Haiiileen .. hand shaped and painted each individual acrylic sculptures, to create the representation of colors in their light wave patterns. Haiiileen has a focus on the gradient and