Danny Daze

Art Installation for the Miami based hometown hero and Omnidisc boss, Danny Daze at Trade Nightclub, April 21, 2017.




Set Design / Production: Haiiileen

DJ / Producer / Inspiration: Danny Daze (Omnidisc)

As a part of an art installation for Danny Daze’s set at Trade Nightclub 2017, and in an effort to capture the essence of his childhood for display and bring his bedroom into life, Artist Haiiileen delves deep into nostalgia creating an environment based off his childhood, deepest passions and accomplishments that best represent his home life. Using a video loop of Danny Daze break dancing as a kid and a bedroom setting as a backdrop, filling it with memorabilia, Haiiileen utilizes vinyls, keyboards, speakers, lighting and plants to take the audience down memory lane as they dance the night away.