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I’ve recently been awarded my first solo exhibition at the Young At Art Museum from 11/2018 to 4/2019! The objective of my project is to explore the progression of light and color theory in a manner that can be easily understood and exciting to explore for the youth in my community. “Lightscapes” would be comprised of three major light sculptures and a fabrication lab in a 3,000sqft gallery. The concepts of color theory, quantum physics through lighting and synesthesia as an audio-visual infused reality can be investigated by my audience in an immersive multi-sensory approach that is not only easily understood, but exciting, captivating, and thought-provoking. The concepts in question have been neglected, not many people really seek to understand why we see things the way we do or why our world appears the way it is. I want to be able to shed light on such an important yet seldom questioned part of our lives through mesmerizing optics, illusions, textures, and patterns that are meant to be examined and used in order to be understood. One of the featured light sculptures, Aqua, consists of over 70 custom acrylic elements and mirrors, creating a sweeping arrangement, embodying the theme of light and how it travels within reflections and perceptions. I would also like to make an adult-sized children’s mobile made of over 300 custom acrylic sculptures meant to be experienced at different angles. These different perceptions will be achieved with several different “viewing areas” that will allow for differences in lighting and filters to properly convey the vastness of possibility through light. The fabrication lab would bring the concepts of electricity, + and – wavelengths, light frequencies, and light theory into an interactive and immersive educational experience. The use of all of these audial, optical, and tactile senses will help create this neo-abstract reality within this space that will have the ability to translate different perceptions into our reality.

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Aqua, 2017
40 ft. x 30 ft.
Mix-media Light Sculpture

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Aqua, 2017
40 ft. x 30 ft.
Mix-media Light Sculpture

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An acrylic light chandelier with 120 custom hand shaped 2-inch thick acrylic light panels.

Potential Floor Plan

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HatchFund: HaiiiLabs


My name @Haiiileen  and I am an interdisciplinary artist specializing in developing immersive environments that include large-scale light sculptures. I’ve always had a fascination with the concept of being able to envelop my audiences and take them into alternate realities through my work. Many of my past works have dealt with taking spaces and creating abstract environments within them that have the ability to take the viewers to another place in time; A new destination fabricated by multisensory experiences and my synesthesia-fueled imagination.


For the past year, I have been developing an experiential concept that blurs the boundary between performance art and an open studio format where I am able to invite the local community into my creative process,Quote2_preview.png

As a female mentor inside my community of Miami, I feel that this project is something that is needed for the growth of our artistic population and can only push the limitations of what can be experienced and created. I would like to be able to provide the opportunity for individuals from the community to be a part of something greater, having the possibility to interact with not only each other but with the public platform I can provide for them to create with.

This concept will allow for not only me to have a space to continue creating, but for those who participate to have a chance to bring something in and leave something behind; Quote3_preview.pngThis experimental open studio will be made up of two sections: the public space and artist studio. The public space will be a constantly evolving environment, including a multisensory fabrication lab that will help further explore the theme of social interaction within the community. The artist studio will not only be where I will be creating but will also serve as a component of performance art, allowing those within the studio to watch me create.


title-3_preview.pngThe bulk of the donations would go towards the cost of the studio space (approx. $8,000). The remaining donations will be allocated towards compensation for assistants and laborers involved (approx. $5,000), administrative and marketing costs (approx. $3,000), costs for design (approx. $2,000) and materials and supplies needed to make this vision come to life (approx. $7,000). Fortunately, I receive an overwhelming amount of donated materials from different partners throughout the city, which helps in reducing the cost of this project. The more funds I am able to raise, the more intricate this project can become, and in the case of overfunding, the extra money will provide more materials and supplies.

Remember, any donation from you or from friends you share this with is incredibly helpful!! Thank you so much for your support, I can’t wait to make this idea become reality!!


Note: All donations made to my Hatchfund campaign are tax deductible! Once you make your gift, you’ll automatically receive a tax letter for your records.







Balloons Propsal

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I want to use the studio space for a truly immersive multi-sensory gallery concept. On display would be a series of images and a short film from one of my previous installations, Balloons, made up of prints and a short film projected onto the wall. The immersive experience would be manifested by filling the entire studio space with balloons, having the public essentially glide and float through the room to discover the works on display.



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The Ora @ Young at Art Museum

haiiileen - ora - aileen quintana- mylar photography rainbows


An Exhibition at Young at Art Museum, April – August 2018

 Mixed-media, Acrylic, LED lighting  9 ft L x 6 ft W x 2 ft “Ora,” inspired by The Spirit, is the second edition in a series of sculptures created using the idea of handmade acrylic petals to formulate a crystalized sculpture piece symbolizing love, light, and transcendence through the use of light and color.


In partnership with Faulkner Plastics, GlowbackLED, and Advak Technologies



Space: How to get Haiii


Inspired by the color green, Artist Haiiileen used this installation to create a utopian garden, weaving viewers into a wonderland filled with love, happiness, color, tones and textures induced by the pure euphoria of music. A place where magic reigns supreme and even the mannequins are hypnotized by the idea of being transported into another world. The expression of the dancing mannequins and surrounding intoxifying environment invites viewers to get lost in the scenery and take a journey down the rabbit hole where music will set them free as Haiiileen shares her happy place, her “Garden of Eden,” on how to get HAiii on music.

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