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Haiii on AQUA

“Haiii on Aqua” 2017 Haiiileen celebrating in an abstract dance after she finishes her installation of the “Aqua” light sculpture.

Art Basel Ad: III Points 16

      Creative Director / Producer @Haiiileen  Cameraman / Editor: Max Reed Model: Sean Mccab

MAC Cosmetics

MAC cosmetics holiday collection photophraphy series

uooɯ oɔsıp

dancing beside the disco ball

Acid Palm Performance

acid palm tree performance art piece inspired by color and vaporwave


black and white wormhole performance art piece

III Points Sunset at Noon Performance Art 2016

vaporwave mall sunset at noon music art and technology festival iii points 2016

MAC Cosmetics

Digital Media Marketing for MAC 2016, Miami FL Art Direction, photographer